How to Perform Video Otoscopy

ImageThe otoscopy deals with the examination of ear canal and tympanic membrane or ear drum. The doctor observes the ear with the help of an otoscope. Video otoscopy is the modern and convenient method that makes a visual record of the ear’s condition. After such examination it is easy to monitor changes over time and check any treatment. Video otoscopes are easy to set up and use.

Usually the process of video otoscopy consists of the following steps:

1) Install video otoscope software to PC.

2) Plug in USB cable from the video otoscope to PC.

3) Open the software.

4) Place a new and clean speculum and examine the ear.

5) Create an image or video of inspection and store to PC for further processing.

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Why Perform Otoscopy?

09-feb-12-2-53-52-pm1.pngOur ears and hearing require regular screening check-ups. The examination of ear is not a thing to be neglected. Early diagnosis of ear infections can prevent serious diseases, such as meningitis. Generally there are two diseases of ears – otitis media and otitis externa.
Otitis media is the medical term for middle ear infection. It is very common in childhood. The fluid in middle ear space may become infected with bacteria or sometimes with virus that caused the initial upper respiratory tract infection. The main symptom of acute otitis media is ear pain; other possible symptoms include fever and irritability.
Otitis externa is an inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal. It is also accompanied with ear pain, especially when touching the ear, and fever.
Upper respiratory infections are often accompanied by these diseases. Therefore it is very important to control ears when suffering from flu. Examination of ear is called otoscopy and performed with the help of an otoscope. It is a kind of a short endoscope consisting of a handle and a head. The head contains an electric light source and a magnifying lens. The front end of the otoscope has an attachment for disposable plastic ear speculums. The doctor looks through a lens on the rear of the instrument to see inside the ear canal. Many models have a sheath for instrument to be inserted through the otoscope into the ear canals for removing earwax. Otoscopes are portable and powered by batteries in the handle.
Regular ear check-ups are performed in special hearing aid centers or ambulances. These small medical instruments help people to be healthy and save their lives. Please visit the source of affordable otoscopes.